Ambition, Talent, Experience.

How Start-ups Shape Our Future, April 13th 2017


Entrepreneurial Inspiration Day (EID), a day to be excited about entrepreneurship. Our goal is to link ambition with experience and talent, and we're proud to welcome Christian Stadil, Jan-Peter Balkenende, Marjan Van Loon and many others to share their stories and advice.

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About the EID

The Entrepreneurial Inspiration Day (EID) by UniPartners - for Students & Entrepreneurs

How will start-ups shape our future ? Join EID 2017 to find out. 

A panel discussion, keynotes, workshops and inspiration sessions where ambition (you) connects with experienced professionals & prolific entrepreneurs.

Christian Stadil is one of the panel speakers, owner of 120 successful companies which follow Christian's principle of "doing good while doing business". He is joined by Marjan van Loon, Royal Dutch Shell's first woman CEO. She's worked in the energy sector for over 20 years and is keen to explain the role of startups in one of today's most important topics: energy transition. Councilman Maarten Struijvenberg joins the panel with the city of Rotterdam's perspective on startups, their role and their impact. Last but not least, Steef van de Velde. An engineering and management Professor for much of his career, Rotterdam School of Management's dean heads a University where much of Rotterdam's entrepreneurial spirit is born. 


 A chance to dive into Virtual Reality ft. the VR Room 



Come find out what the hype around Virtual Reality is. In-betwen speakers, the VR Room takes you on an experience that's out of this reality. Scroll down and check out stories of EID 2017's other speakers & program. Student tickets are €5 (early bird) and €7.50 (normal). 


See You at the EID 2017 ! 

Speakers at the Entrepreneurial Inspiration Day

Alderman Employment
& Economy, city of Rotterdam. To the panel discussion, Maarten brings a governmental perspective and the role of startups in Rotterdam's economy.

Maarten Struijvenberg


Entrepreneur, owner of 120 companies, Investor, Author, Professor, and general amazing human. Christian brings his countless experiences and lessons to the panel discussion.

Christian Stadil


CEO Shell Netherlands, Marjan gives a speech on energy transition and the role of startups, and joins the panel discussion.

Marjan van Loon


Professor of Management & Technology, Dean of RSM. Steef van de Velde joins us in the panel discussion.

Steef van de Velde


Former Dutch Prime Minister, External Advisor at EY, Professor of Governance, Institutions and Internationalization. Jan-Peter hosts a lecture on entrepreneurship.

Jan-Peter Balkenende


Founder of Camarilla, the world's smallest social network. Constance hosts one of the Inspiration sessions.

Constance Scholten


Serial entrepreneur in the Netherlands and the U.S. Peter shares his experiences and leads a workshop on international entrepreneurship

Peter Laanen


Commercial Director of Rotterdam's BlueCity010 startup incubator, Lars hosts an Inspiration session.

Lars Crama


Founder of Kartent, Jan leads a workshop and guides you to think outside the box (Yes, Kartent makes tents out of carton boxes).

Jan Portheine


Straight from the growth hacking agency Rockboost, Jonathan leads a workshop on growth hacking.

Jonathan Flores



This years EID Edition, on April 13th 2017, will truly stand out. We aim to make it as international as possible and have a strong focus on personal development. We want to empower you by sharing life experiences and inspiring you to build a sustainable future.
We strive to inspire & connect 150 (international) participants to build a better world, and strengthen them to embrace the challenges that the future will bring. A Google Forms will be sent out to your email shortly before the event, through which you can indicate your preferrences which Inspiration sessions and Workshop you'd like to attend.

The following events will take place:

10:15 Registration & Introduction
11:00 Keynotes by Marjan van Loon & Christian Stadil
12:00 Panel discussion ft. Marjan van Loon, Christian Stadil, Maarten Struivenberg, Steef van de Velde.
13:00 Lunch & Virtual Reality ft. the VR Room
14:00 Inspiration sessions & Workshops
15:00 Entrepreneurship Lecture ft. Jan-Peter Balkenende
16:00 Inspiration sessions & Workshops
16:45 Pitch competition
17:45 Networking drinks

Get Creative & Connect.

You've listened to incredible guest-speakers share their story, experience and knowledge, now don't miss the opportunity to take part in exciting workshops and to connect with successful start-ups!

International Entrepreneurship RockBoost

 What are the possibilities abroad, what should you look out for? Peter Laanen, serial entrepreneur in the USA, the Netherlands and founder of Laanen - the Brand, will share key takeaways for international entrepreneurs. 

Mix marketing with data analytics, add a dash of software engineering and you get Growth Hacking. Jonathan Flores, Growth Hacker at Rockboost, will lead a workshop on Growth Hacking and the Growth Hacking mindset to rapidly grow.



How is it like for students found & run a startup? Kartent's founders host a workshop where they share their experiences as students and provide a case. Their startup designs cheap, printable carton tents to sleep in at festivals, that are entirely recycled after use.

The EID 2017 is all about inspiration.
Inspiration to pursue what you believe in.

Inspiration sessions are an opportunity to learn from fascinating personalities. Entrepreneurial CEOs and serial entrepreneurs share their path and discuss their vision of the industry for the coming 10 years.

Constance Scholten is an international entrepreneur and founder of Camarilla, the world's smallest social network. Camarilla stripped social media back to its basics by letting you share content with 15 of your closest friends, and is present in 160 countries.


Lars Crama is the commercial director of BlueCity010, Rotterdam's newest incubator located in a 12,000mformer swimming pool. The incubator is home to startups that live & breathe the circular economy.



The Entrepreneurial Inspiration Day is powered by:


ECE Students Rabobank Gemeente Rotterdam Erasmus Trustfonds MKB Nederland R'damse Nieuwe Matrans Delft University Centre for Sustainability Rotterdam Consulting Club


Frequently asked questions

General sign ups are open until April 11th, 23:59.
Early Bird tickets are available until Sunday 23:59, April 2nd.

Attendance to the event for students is possible for a small fee of €5 - early bird and €7.50 - normal ticket price.

Non-student ticket are priced at €50

Non-student tickets for MKB members are priced at a 50% discount, €25

Prices include lunch, drinks during the day and afterwards.
Dress code is Business Casual ! 

If your payment was confirmed, you are good to go! Simply check-in with your full name at the event, you don't need any ticket.

Please contact us via e-mail. You can reach us at  

Inspiration sessions and Workshops are open to everyone. We will kindly ask you to indicate your preferences on a Google form which we will send you. We will try our very best to carry out your preference.

We will send you detailed information on your personal schedule the week before the event.

You do not need to be an entrepreneur yourself or have a private company to attend the event.

We aim to share the entrepeurial spirit and inspire you to pursue what you believe in.  

The event will be in English. We aim to make it accessible to (international) students and entrepreneurs.


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