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About the EID

The UniPartners Entrepreneurial Inspiration Day (EID) is thé event for students and entrepreneurs seeking to get an inspirational boost along with practical tips in entrepreneurship. This year's theme is 'Growth'. So, How do you grow an idea into your own successful business?

The practical insights of entrepreneurs and the fresh academic knowledge of students will be brought together in workshops, where participants will actively participate in solving a problem, and masterclasses, during which the participants get challenged to participate in the entrepreneurial thought process of experts in different fields of entrepreneurship. This year we have a new and interesting addition to our program: A real-life case! During the case, participants will receive information about a current business problem/situation, whereafter we challenge you to propose a solution.

Between the activities there will be inspirational speakers giving lectures on entrepreneurship. Opportunities for sharing thoughts and experiences with students, entrepreneurs and attending companies will also be possible during our dinner. The day ends with drinks! 

Dresscode: Business Casual

The Program

Thursday April 14thafternoon
  • 13.00 - Welcome with coffee and tea
  • 13.30 - Opening speech by UniPartners & Host 
  • 13.45 - Jan Peter Balkenende
  • 14.20 - Workshops, Masterclasses, Cases (Round 1) 
  • Workshops: Housing Anywhere, Connecterra, Frisse Blikken/Fresh Forces
  • 15.45 - Break
  • 16.15 - Boudewijn Wisse (Laevo)
Thursday April 14thevening
  • 16.50 - Workshops, Case (Round 2) 
  • Workshops: Symbid, Patrick werkt slimmer, Sales Elite
  • Case: Victor Rijkaart
  • 18.15 - Dinner
  • 19.00 - Laurens van Nues (magnet.me)
  • 19.30 - Closing by UniPartners & Host
  • 19.40 - Social Drink

Financing of a startup
Symbid’s mission is making the funding of companies easier by using efficient and transparant technology. Symbid started out in 2011 as one of the first shareholding crowdfundingplatforms in the world. Being the worldwide forerunner in online financing, Symbid identified as one of the first the need of data-driven SME-financing. We use our revolutionary technology to bring alternative and traditional means of financing together. Find out during this workshop how you can use crowd funding to your advantage!


Going from idea to ignition, the road to starting a startup

The personal experiences of an entrepreneur will show you what were some of the highs, lows, blockers and gotchas that he wished someone had told him before he decided to board the crazy train of the startup world. The workshop will also help you identify your blockers and what you can do about them to realize your idea into the business you expect it to be.


Back in 2009, HousingAnywerhe.com was born from a need that was shared by numerous exchange students: how to rent your room while abroad for an exchange? From that spark, we developed a service that is now appreciated by more than 105 Universities all over the world, helping international students from different countries to find a place for their exchange period.

In the first part of this workshop, HousingAnywhere.com will share their insights in how they became the company they are today.

In the second part, you will get creative! A teamwork session will give you the chance to experience the start-up life.In this session, the group will be splitted in 2 teams and we will be given three business cases to work on:

1) Sales strategy: how to improve the number of sales to universities and users?
2) Marketing strategy: growth hacking and how to create awareness about your start up?
3) HR strategy: how to make sure you have the best candidates for the start-up environment? 

Sum of talents

Fresh Forces is a great starting point for young talent to obtain the knowledge, experience and network necessary to become successful entrepreneurs within a period of three years. We provide our new generation professionals with opportunities to gain experience in various organizations. Fresh Forces partners with the organizations that seek to overcome new generation challenges. 

The new generationl professional facilitates the organization to work with clients on challenging projects while simultaneously building on their own enterprise and developing their entrepreneurial skills.

Forces has different teams made up of new generation professionals working on HR, learning and development, fresh analytics, marketing, gaming & gamification, and events. Their insights and fresh perspectives, motivated by their ambition to become entrepreneurs, prove invaluable in solving these modern-day challenges.

How to work more effective and efficient?

This workshop will learn you how to worker smarter, faster, more efficient and more effective! As a participant of this workshop, you will get an insight in how you can do your work in a different way and will lean how to increase your productivity by, for example, using handy apps.

Sales Enablement: a new way of doing (sales) business

This workshop will update and inform the participants on the world of Sales Enablement. With Sales Enablement modern day sales persons of all levels are able to offer real solutions and answers to the challenges and problems many buyers, C-Level executives and other important decision makers are facing in their current job. Most of them are already well informed by means of internet/social media on all possible answers and solutions. A new breed of sales persons needs to arise to advise and convince them using Sales Enablement and create sales velocity. Sales Enablement combines intelligent CRM’s with all sorts of blended learning applications, such as video-based content, metrics and analytics, mobile-ready and training. During this workshop we will touch on the world of Sales Enablement, create a simple Sales Enablement Strategy, do a short exercise  (S.A.L.E/concept) and have a short demo of voice recognition (mobile-ready) for sales people. This workshop will be conducted by David Rakers, CEO of Sales Elite (www.saleselite.nl)




Qredits is a private non – profit organization which helps entrepreneurs in Holland by providing support through coaching and investments. Qredits has helped more than 7000 entrepreneurs throughout the years and has financed in total 130 million euros. Since Qredits is specialised in both coaching and investing in companies diverse topics will be covered in the masterclass.

In this masterclass Qredits will tell you amongst others more about the current world of financial investments. Furthermore, they introduce you what is possiblefor entrepreneurs with financial needs in the Netherlands and help you investigate what aspects are needed when you ask an institution like Qredits for an investment. Moreover, real-life cases of established companies and starting entrepreneurs are presented in an interactive manner.


Hack for growth

Victor is pasionate about innovation and entre/intra preneurship. With an extensive CV and a former role as innovation manager at Airbus, he is currently involved with the organisation of a new start-up. In addition to that he is a coach for high-tech start ups at Yes!Delft, at which he is also member of the selection committee. Moreover, Victor is involved with several other project in high-tech and innovation, and is always looking for new trends in the world of entrepreneurship and growth.

Victor will present a real-life case about the company Blackshore, owned by Hans van't Woud. Hans has developed a prdouct called Cerberus. Participants of the case will work together to solve issues regarding the product to increase the growth of the company (currently in the start-up phase). An example question would be to identify how this product can serve more purposes than the one it's developed for. Through broad validation the participants will gather new insights in solving the issue of growth in a company, and help support this company increase its growth.

So, let's hack for growth!

Speakers at the Entrepreneurial Inspiration Day

Prof. dr. Jan Peter Balkenende started his career at the academic board and scientific institute of the CDA. In 1993 he became professor at the VU (Amsterdam) and became a member of the Tweede Kamer (House of Representatives), and eventually landed the role of minister-president of the Netherlands. Currently Jan Peter Balkenende is partner CR at EY, professor at EUR, and chairman of IAB Rotterdam.

Jan Peter Balkenende - former minister president


Since the launch of Magnet.me in 2013, which Laurens co founded, he has worked on all parts of the business. Currently Laurens works on Magnet.me’s strategy and product development. In the meantime Magnet.me signed up nearly 1000 companies and 45.000 students, has opened an office in the UK and grew to a team of 35 people.

Laurens van Nues - co-founder magnet.me


Boudewijn started his first venture in 2006. Since then thousands of his products have been sold. After a bumpy road starting new ventures, projects and cooperation’s, he now is CEO of Laevo – dedicated to save millions of backs worldwide with a wearable back support.

Boudewijn Wisse - CEO of Laevo


Marcel (24) is owner of Bamberg Moderating since 2013 and has been presenting and moderating events for organisations varying from Dutch ministries and the European Commission to Amnesty International and Deloitte. As former chairman of the Dutch National Youth Council, he got involved with events for youngsters and political debates, which eventually resulted in presenting and moderating events of all kinds today. 

Marcel Renee Bamberg - host of the day


The president of the EID committee will give a short opening speech. 

UniPartners Rotterdam - organizing party of the EID



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Frequently asked questions

Yes, although we encourage you to be present the whole day, you can register for a certain part of the day only.

The dresscode for the event is: Business Casual! 

It is possible to sign up for the event until April 7th, if we don't sell out before. You can buy your ticket on this website. 

The event is accessible for free for entrepreneurs, but registration is still required. For students we charge a small amount of €5,-.

The dresscode for the event is: Business Casual! 

Please contact us via e-mail. You can reach us at programmamanager@eidrotterdam.nl

At the link "program" you see a short description of every part of the program. Next to this link you can find the links "workshops", "masterclasses" and "case" for a more detailed description of the day. If you have any further questions, please contact us via programmanager@eidrottedam.nl or call 010-4082543.

Everyone can participate in all workshops / masterclasses. You can give your preference of three workshops / masterclasses / cases per part of the day. The organization will try their best to let you follow the workshops / masterclasses / cases of your choice. However, we cannot guarantee this. You will receive detailed information on your personal schedule the week before the event.

Yes! Dinner and drinks are included!

This is not necessary. The event is open to everyone interested in entrepreneurship.

The program will be held in English. The event is accesible for (international) entrepreneurs and students.


Groothandelsgebouw (Venture Cafe)

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